Make Money With Video Games (Content Reviews)

Hey again, nice to see you back here!

I hope you’ve got enough sandwiches and enjoyed the last piece on 3D modeling, it’s a part of gaming that is near and dear to my heart as it blossomed into the passion I have today (I’m a big art dork) 🙂

We’re going to look at something a little different in this one if you’re very creative but aren’t that interested in creating your own visuals. This one is for you.

Say Your Piece :

Ever looked at a YouTube video of some random dude talking about their current playthrough or making funny memes about a certain game and thought “I could definitely do this too”?

Truth is, a lot of people get monetized through YouTube with this exact strategy, and earn upwards of $1000+ per month just from their channels.

Sounds crazy appealing right?

The best part about this is YouTube has recently lowered its requirements for monetization, check it out:

This is great news for creators because whether your content is long-formed or succinct you have different ways to gain passive income quicker!

But hold on, it can’t be that easy right?

Well, yes and no.

The Path Ahead :

As a beginner (and monetized) you will make a smaller amount through Google Adsense, this is how YouTube pays their creators based on the adverts you choose to put in your videos.

Depending on the niche you choose, channel memberships and other factors such as super chat affect something called RPM (Revenue-Per-Mile) that determines your moneyz per 1000 views.

Case Study:

A channel called ‘Chills’ that uploads scary videos garners around 6.5 million views per month, divide 6.5 million by 1000 (for how many 1000 views per month) and times that by their estimated RPM, ‘scary’ is typically a low CPM (Cost Per Mile for advertisers) niche estimated to take in a RPM of $2-3 dollars per 1k views.

You end up with a whopping income of nearly 20k per month!

Not bad right?

But you want a channel on video games, well you’re gonna love this.

Providing you make a video that’s longer than 8 minutes, your RPM will jump up to $3-4 with average viewer retention (time does matter here). If it’s an hour long? Try closer to $10-15 RPM.

I’ll let you do the math, but that’s considerably more than scary videos, and it’s something you love talking about!

And it certainly doesn’t stop there, once you are well on your journey as a YouTube creator you can incorporate other revenue streams such as a print-on-demand store, digital products, or affiliate marketing with big companies like Amazon.

Between me and you, that’s when the big bucks come in. I’ll likely cover that stuff in another edition.

Granted, you might not want to make hour-long videos on video games, but given what we’ve discussed you can work out what is best for you. And if you’re consistent enough it will almost definitely be worth your time.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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