Skits (Gamer Comedy no one asked for)

WoW Skit: Terror in Terrokar
EXT – Outside some encircled huts in the heart of the owl-people’s village, Chuck and Gladly are tied to sticks covered in spiced leaves ready to be thrown over the smouldering spores of the fire in the centre of the village.   Chuck...
WoW Skit: The Road to Terrokar
EXT – Chuck and Gladly are wandering through a narrow path heavily wooded overhead with a strong suspicion they are being observed. Gladly’s arm still has not recovered and now has an eternally itchy nose with the sniffles.   Gladly...
WoW Skit: Zangartarts
EXT – Gloomy blue swamp area with a lagoon lay in front of Chuck and Gladly   Gladly “We could be here all frigging day Chuck, I don’t care if you’re curious about how to finger a fish-lass. I’VE...
WoW Skit: Hellfire Shitadel
    EXT – Outside a darkened red cavern in Hellfire Peninsula   Chuck “I’m not going in there”     Gladly “Look Chuck,  I spent last night in a mossy cavern sniffing a spore bat’s back because YOU told...
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