WoW Skit: The Road to Terrokar

EXT – Chuck and Gladly are wandering through a narrow path heavily wooded overhead with a strong suspicion they are being observed. Gladly’s arm still has not recovered and now has an eternally itchy nose with the sniffles.


Gladly “Me nose is falling off.”

Chuck “Good job on debunking that spore bat theory though buddy, I thought it, the frog chucking fuck thought it. And then you came along to finally put an end to that age-old myth, snorting the back of a spore bat cures any STD. And makes you see the devil.”

Gladly “Yeah only if I may Chuck it isn’t a fucking STD is it?!”

Chuck “Your word against mine squire, can’t remember it much meself.”

Gladly “I wish I couldn’t remember right now, there were….things…”

Chuck begins to imitate Gladly


Chuck “Ooohh I’m a little clit called Glad, I’m on my gap year experimenting with spores and tentacles in order to find myself and what the world has in store for me.”

Awkward moment of them just both staring at one another


Chuck “Fuck off Glad, you’re not the first person to chuck a whitey how d’ya think I got my name?. We’ve all seen shit mate, ever seen an imp licking a warlock’s toes whilst saying ‘I bet your Voidwalker can’t do this?’ We can all interpret that how we want, but there’s only one real conclusion.”

After another awkward silence, they both hear a noise from a bush nearby, they suddenly become very nervous.


Gladly “I’ve read about these forests, the glint of red eyes forever watching in the trees, the foreboding feeling of an ominous presence waiting for you to make a wrong turn, and the owl people who carry adventurers to their huts and cover them in their spiced feathers to cook.”

Chuck “Hahaha! Feathers! Olive oil to stupid owl bastards ever heard of me? Pull the other one Glad, your college education was worth as much as my last sexual encounter.”

A small pack of those mad weird bird people in Terrokar appear in front of Chuck and Gladly cutting off their path.


Chuck “Fuck think they heard me there mate.”

Gladly “Wanna take the piss out of their feathers now?”

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